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Lane Northcutt Photography

Patrick Tombs is an actor and singer based in New York City.

Born in Binghamton, NY, he felt the call to acting and music at a young age. Patrick found himself looking a bit different at birth, and he hopes this helps him reach hearts in a powerful way. 


In addition to acting and singing, Patrick enjoys creating in the kitchen - Thanksgiving is probably his favorite holiday. He also likes to spend time playing sports, playing the cello, piano, and bass, and drinking lots of coffee. 

His belief is that through good art we can spread love, truth, light, and courage. Patrick is incredibly grateful to the mentors, teachers, family, friends, directors, producers, agents, actors, singers, dancers, and others who continue to believe in him and invest in him as a person and an artist. He feels very lucky to be working on the stage and in front of the camera with such wonderful, creative souls.


Guiding Principle: No regrets! 


Photographer: Julie Spillane

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